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Introducing Glider for WordPress

Glider is a minimal text-focused theme for WordPress. I wanted to make a theme that was all about seamless reading – no page loads, no interruptions, just a quick and easy way to access content.

Glider uses/abuses jQuery’s handy .load() function to essentially load itself, strip out everything but the post content, then drop that back into itself, all behind the scenes. This allows the entire theme layout + JS to exist in one file, making for easy tweaks, typeface changes, etc..

Glider is free to¬†download from Github, and if you think it could be better (almost certainly) or I’ve written some garbage code, I’d be happy to merge in awesome changes. Likewise, if you do use the theme, send me a link, I’d love to see it in the wild.

Thanks very much for some great WordPress and jQuery/JS improvements that have been folded in through the knowledge of other theming aficionados. Much appreciated!