There’s an amazing feeling when you hear a song for the very first time, when you uncover something new. I think there’s a case to be made that music discovery is pretty shallow right now – that we’ve basically been skimming the surface of how we consider songs, or artists, to be connected. I want to fix that.


Framework is a podcast about the process of researching, planning and building that goes into bringing a product to market. Co-hosted with Rob Hayes. Framework is part of the network.


A very serious podcast in which we create the very best versions of everyday things. Co-hosted with Eric Akaoka.

Step One

With Travis Hines, I prototyped a free community for designers, developers, researchers, and content specialists at the early stages of their career. During its lifespan, we provided job postings, online mentoring, and feedback to nearly 100 members. We gathered valuable insight on how we might best help newcomers to the industry.