2018 —


Design Lead

As part of a two-person design team at an early-stage startup, I work directly with leadership, sales, engineers, and PMs and wear many hats across product and marketing.


Reactive Arts


I started a product design company to help solve on compelling problems. During this time, I had measurable impact on products in fintech and cryptocurrency.

2015 — 2018


Director of Design

I led the product design team at Wealthsimple and worked directly with company leadership and team leads to direct, design, build and launch initiatives and features to enable better service for our clients. As the product continued to evolve, my focus shifted from solely hands-on work to include team building and management, creative direction, formalizing UI patterns, and process improvement.



Lead Instructor

As a lead instructor for Bitmaker's first full-time UX & Product Design course, I co-developed the 10-week curriculum, led classes, and delivered in-person feedback on student work.

2015 — 2016


I worked with the team at YogaGlo, an LA-based startup focused on personal health through lifestyle. A significant portion of their userbase wanted to access their library of content on larger devices. I led discovery and design for their iPad and tvOS apps.



Product Designer

I helped to lead design on Shopify’s ‘social channel’ commerce projects, responsible for framing the merchant-side functionality (working with the platform stakeholders) and acting as developer liaison.

2013 — 2015


Associate Design Director

At Heist, I was a key designer on several enterprise-level projects, including an end-to-end redesign of Telus’ web presence and sales funnel. I helped to run UX research sessions, shadowed front-line workers and worked directly with Telus stakeholders.

2012 — 2013


I partnered with a handful of product-focused Toronto agencies to augment their offerings.

2011 — 2012


Product Designer / Developer

I spent my time at 500px as an early member of the UI/UX team. I was responsible for developing the specifications for new features and functionality, proposing wireframes and mockups, then implementing them in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

2004 — 2012


Associate Creative Director

As a part of the design team at this small agency, I worked across many disciplines (web, print, packaging, video) to fulfill client needs in many diverse industries, such as music publishing, gaming, social services and more.

2003 — 2004


I worked largely with international trade organizations to strengthen organizational goals by optimizing their digital offerings.



Web Designer

I was embedded within a content production team at CBC to create consistent, templated microsites for all of their most popular radio shows.