? Hi! I’ve been a designer for over 20 years. I’ve worked with a bunch of well-known startups and some of Canada’s largest companies. I love working on products that people love to use.


Some highlights: I built social shopping and embedded commerce features at Shopify, redesigned very nearly everything and led the product design team at Wealthsimple, and I’m currently working on gnarly conversational UX and machine learning problems at Ada. I co-founded Venue (YC W22) and continue to work on an advisory basis with Somm.

In between all of that stuff, I’ve given talks internationally about what makes design work (and what makes it fun), recorded some popular podcasts, and made a lot of cool friends. I drink a whole pot of coffee every single day.

If you’re of an RSS-consuming persuasion, you can find the feed at https://tomcreighton.com/feed.

This site runs on WordPress, and is mostly set in the Satoshi typeface from Fontshare. It uses a custom theme built by me (and is thus a huge idiosyncratic garbage pile).